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Altro Paradiso

Brand identity and Packaging

Elevate your plates and being with these wild botanical olive oils made from early harvested olives from the orchards in Crete. Infused with foraged herbs from the wild Nordic seas to the rugged Sicilian mountains. With unusually high levels of polyphenol and oleocanthal, this olive oil has a low acidity level with many anti-inflammatory benefits. With a buttery, herbaceous and fruitful palette, it works wonders over vibrant charred veggies, smoked meats, or onto fresh sourdough.

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Altro Paradiso is a love project and therefore a fictional branding. I wanted to create a lifestyle brand that honours the tradition of olive oil making with a contemporary twist. 

Inspired by the contrast of shadow and light, black and yellow became the main brand colors. The pattern references the dry rugged wood of the olive branches. The typography is a little wink to ancient Roman and Greek fonts, without becoming a gimmick.​

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