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the brand experience sparring sessions

I understand that not everyone has the time, budget, or need for a long-term (re)branding trajectory. Sometimes you just need to pick a brain full of fresh ideas. Sometimes you need to find someone who looks at your branding with a pair of fresh eyes. For a boost of confidence, for a gentle kick in the butt or as a better creative soundboard than friends and family.


During a brand experience sparring session, you'll get two fully dedicated hours of my time and expertise. I’ll listen to your questions, dreams, and obstacles when it comes to brand strategy, visual branding, brand materials, visual merchandising or the overall brand experience of your company.


You can ask me anything: from how you can tap into a new audience, how to elevate your brand’s presence with merchandise, even what color to paint your store, and how to do the visual merchandising.


Sessions are online or face-to-face in Dutch or English. A session 400 EUR excluding VAT and travel expenses.

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