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Services included: brand strategy, brand identity and collateral + packaging design

Nourist is an all-natural Belgian skincare brand that is dedicated to soothing reactive skin and supporting you on a journey to skin confidence. Their motto "Rooted in nature, driven by science" is ubiquitous in everything they do. From sourcing their ingredients to sustainable packaging.


We created a brand identity that celebrates the natural approach of the formulations. No-nonsense, soft and unisex.

A simple and timeless wordmark and packaging that is proudly displayed on your bathroom counter are the cornerstones of the visual identity. A color coding system allows one to visually identify the different product categories such as body and face, while fragments from a watercolor painting bring a rhythmic play within product variations.

Based on a solid brand strategy, we created a unique brand identity and translated the customer journey into brand materials such as packaging, postcards, stickers, and social media templates.

Brand Photography by Buro Bonito

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