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Nectar Studio is a full-service creative studio specialising in unique brand identities and brand materials. I believe in meaningful and tactile design experiences and love working together with thoughtful lifestyle, design, and fashion brands in transforming their unique visions into memorable experiences.

Brand Strategy

Through brand strategy, I encourage business owners to come to their fullest expression. We dive deep into your ambitions, your market, your potential and preferred customers.  We leave behind the traditional marketing templates and go for inclusive and durable strategy. Together we create a strategic framework or manifest that forms the foundation of your visual identity and all your future explorations. 


Brand identity

Maybe you need help to start your brand from scratch or your existing brand needs to come to life again? Based on a solid brand strategy, I define your visual identity. Translating your story and values into a unique identity that connects with your audience. From logo to color palette to type treatment. The result is a visual langague that stands out and a toolbox that gives you everything you need to launch your brand.


Brand Materials

The right brand materials help you to be consistent in every touchpoint of your customers’ journey. Giving your clients something to touch, feel, share and treasure. I make your ambitions come to life through bespoke print design, packaging, merchandise, stationery and digital designs.


Book & catalogue design

From an international publisher to a self-published project, I design an captivating cover, a unique lay-out and memorable paper experience.


Art Direction

If you are in need of a breath of fresh air for your content strategy, editorial or photoshoot, I help you define a strong visual language. 

How I work

Each project is developed with integrity from initial conception to completed realization. That is why I am selective about whom I work with.


I value building relationships and trust with my clients by offering a personal and tailor-made approach that goes way beyond the design but cares about your ambitions as a whole.


If you want to work together, reach out to me via email or Instagram and we’ll set up a (virtual) intake talk. I believe our personalities should match as well to let our creativity thrive. Once I have a clear view of what your business needs, I’ll make you a personal offer with clear deliverables and pricing.

What others say​

Working together with Nectar Studio to visualise a brand identity was an easy and, above all, smart choice. Annelies has the ideal combination of a strategic and creative brain, complimented with a strong visual eye. Talents she uses to bring that essence to life like no other.


With her expertise, she stays a couple of steps ahead, presenting you with results better than you could imagine. After a step-by-step process, she delivers everything in a clear, thorough and extensive tool kit for you to work with. 

Julie Vermeire, Strategic Storyteller, Kobalt

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