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Wild, Wild & Botanical

 Services included: Brand strategy + Brand identity

Wild, Wild & Botanical is a philosophy, movement and location that invites you to reconnect to [your] wilderness. Retreats, botanical products, and somatic practices will guide you through a journey of self-discovery.

The brand concept was meant to exhude a wild but serene atmosphere to honor the tender and untamed nature. A logo that flows and moves. Colors that translate the warmth and richness of the Drôme Valley were the botanical garden is located.

Sustainability and a natural touch are intrinsic parts of the brand identity so we decided to go for a minimal look and let the paper speak for itself.⁠⁠ The business cards were printed on Flora Anice paper 350gr.⁠ 

Photography by Wouter Struyf

Nectar Studio Graphic Design.png
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