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Wild, Wild & Botanical

Brand Strategy & Brand identity

Wild, Wild & Botanical is a philosophy, movement and location that invites you to reconnect to [your] wilderness. Retreats, botanical products, and somatic practices will guide you through a journey of self-discovery.

The brand concept was meant to exhude a wild but serene atmosphere to honor the tender and untamed nature. A logo that flows and moves. Colors that translate the warmth and richness of the Drôme Valley were the botanical garden is located

Sustainability and a natural touch are intrinsic parts of the brand identity so we decided to go for a minimal look and let the paper speak for itself.⁠
⁠The business cards were printed on Flora Anice paper 350gr.⁠ Flora is a fine recycled paper with a natural toothy finish. Each sheet is unique due to the process involved in making it, the flecks and speckles within the paper are natural ‘wood shives’ The paper is manufactured in Italy from 50% recycled fibers, 10% cotton fibers and 40% FSC certified pulp. The paper is FSC Mix certified, acid free⁠